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CWGS has learning opportunities underway that we wanted to make you aware of. Each year the Society organizes volunteers for important water gardening projects at Denver Botanic Gardens and Hudson Gardens & Event Center.

At Denver Botanic Gardens:

1. Operating the Aquatics Division at the Denver Botanic Gardens' May Plant Sale.
2. Assisting with the planting and propagation of the Gardens' summer aquatic displays.
3. Assisting with the fall and winter preparation of the Gardens' aquatic displays.

At Hudson Gardens & Event Center:

1. Assisting with the propagation, installation, and maintenance of various summer water garden displays.
2. Assisting with the spring, fall, and winter preparation of the various water garden displays.

These efforts offer opportunities for new water gardeners to learn the basics of the craft.

About volunteering at Denver Botanic Gardens and Hudson Gardens & Event Center:

Most volunteer efforts are focused in the spring and fall. Volunteer sessions at Denver Botanic Gardens take place on Sunday and volunteer sessions at Hudson Gardens & Event Center take place on Wednesday. Volunteer sessions usually run from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm.

Volunteering has been a tradition since the founding of the club more than 25 years ago. These volunteer sessions offer hands-on instruction in all aspects of aquatic horticulture under the experienced direction of other seasoned volunteers as well as staff at both Denver Botanic Gardens and Hudson Gardens & Event Center.

About the Denver Botanic Gardens May Plant Sale

The May Plant Sale also offers a chance to learn about water plants while mingling with others who share your interest. The sale always falls on the days immediately preceding Mothers Day.

Shifts vary in length. None are longer than three hours. Depending upon the day and shift you select, tasks vary from setup, inventory, pricing, arranging of plants, and working with the public on sales. Every shift has old hands and lots of printed information, so both experienced and newcomers are welcome to volunteer.

For more information about any Denver Botanic Garden learning/volunteer opportunities or to volunteer at the May DBG Plant Sale, contact Tamara Kilbane at (720) 865-3556 or at

For more information about volunteering at Hudson Gardens & Event Center, contact Dorothy Martinez at (303) 279-3137 or at